Love Addiction

Love Addiction is a term often used to describe the form of sexual addiction most commonly found in women. In general, this can be described as an inability to stop unwanted sexual thoughts and behaviors that are negatively impacting you or those you love. Despite attempts to quit, or reduce, these behaviors you continue to participate in them. The results of the unwanted sexual behaviors are effecting your daily life in a negative way; job, finances, relationships, well being. These thoughts and behaviors lead to guilt, shame, or depression. Unwanted sexual thoughts and behaviors may include; pornography, masturbation, sexting, sex, emotional affairs, fantasizing, chat rooms.

Unwanted sexual thoughts and behaviors are a symptom of this addiction. Love addiction is about an inability to be authentic and bond in one’s relationships. Sexual addiction is often about the need to be loved and the inability to have this need met in a healthy way. It can also be an escape from feeling pain, anxiety, or depression. Often addiction can be driven by trauma, such as sexual abuse. Mostly sexual addiction has very little to do with sex, and a lot to do with an inability to be truly intimate in one’s relationships, which includes establishing healthy boundaries.

Getting Help

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