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Recovery for Women

Recovery from sexual addiction is a journey. The journey towards recovery from sexual addiction starts with an awareness of our brokenness, an acceptance of the choices we have made, and choosing to take responsibility for those choices and the consequences. The second part of recovery is the choice to begin restoration in our relationships by being intentional about our healing. This involves a willingness to be open and honest about our struggles and the damage they have done to us and our relationships. Being open and honest needs to take place in a relational atmosphere such as; individual counseling, support group, or group therapy. We must begin by implementing healthy boundaries in our lives and relationships.

Practicing living in recovery leads us towards a healthy balanced life style. We are intentional about attending to our spiritual, mental, and physical needs. When our life is balanced and healthy we can begin to experience authenticity or true intimacy in all of our relationships. Being authentic is being open and honest in our relationships with others about our needs and wants. It also involves self awareness and implementing healthy boundaries in our relationships. Recovery allows for safety, renewal, and hope in our life and allows us to positively contribute to the world around us.

Getting Help

Individual Counseling for women is available now.

Group Counseling sessions are 8 weeks in length. Reserve a space now if you are interested.

Support Groups offer ongoing support for women in a non-threatening and supportive environment.

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