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Questions for Women Who Struggle

  1. Do you often have sex, masturbate, or view pornography when you are bored, scared, depressed, anxious, or worried?
  2. Do you have one relationship after another or have you had numerous affairs?
  3. Is it difficult to stay in a relationship after the initial falling in love phase?
  4. Do you have trouble connecting to your partner without being sexual?
  5. Do sexual behaviors or fantasies, even with your spouse, have a negative impact on finances, relationships, jobs, or self care?
  6. Do you often use external stimuli to elevate your mood, such as; attention from others, texting, chat rooms, flirting, dating?
  7. Do you stay in relationships that are abusive or destructive so you don’t have to be alone?
  8. Do your sexual behaviors or thoughts conflict with you’re values or morales?
  9. Have you experienced abandonment by a parent, caregiver, or significant other?
  10. Have you been abused or neglected?
If you can answer "yes" to a number of these questions, it is worth considering if you struggle with sex or love addiction as a woman. If so, you do not have to feel hopeless. There is hope and help for women who struggle.

Getting Help

Individual Counseling for women is available now.

Group Counseling sessions are 8 weeks in length. Reserve a space now if you are interested.

Support Groups offer ongoing support for women in a non-threatening and supportive environment.

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