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What Partners Face

...half of all wives who attend church are married to a man who struggles with purity...[Read more]

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You are not alone

If you feel the pain of living with a man who is trapped in a cycle of sexual impurity, you are not in the minority, not even among Christian women.

If you have found yourself worrying why your husband is late again, wondering if he is doing something sexually inappropriate, you are just like the thousands of women who are receiving help and healing in small groups and counseling.

If you feel like hiding under a rock because of the shame brought on by what you fear or know your husband is doing, find comfort in the fact that at least 50% of Christian women have similar feelings because of the sexual impurity of their husbands.

You are not alone. We encourage you to take a next step toward healing:
I live in the Portland, OR, metro area and would like more information on joining a support group.

I live outside the Portland, OR, metro area and would like to find a group near me.

What if I'm the One Who Struggles?

Men are not the only ones that can develop an addiction to sex. Sexual addiction in women is often focused around trying to find acceptance and value...

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The first thing to know is that there is hope of healing....[Read more]


What is Sexual Brokenness Really About - 26 min.
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