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Healing the Wounds
of Sexual Addiction

Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction
by Mark Laaser

While this book is often used in recovery groups and counseling, it was written primarily to leaders who oversee people who struggle with sexual addiction. As such, it is an important resource for pastors who undoubtedly have such members in their congregation.
The Pornography Trap

The Pornography Trap
by Mark Laaser & Ralph Earle

Men everywhere are living in bondage to Internet pornography and fear of exposure. If you are flirting with this devastating addiction, or if you're counseling others who have already crossed the line, Ralph Earle and Mark Laaser help you understand the core issues related to sexual sin and give insight into developing a biblical view of healthy sexuality. Especially written for pastors and Christian leaders.
The Social Costs of Pornography

The Social Costs of Pornography
by The Witherspoon Institute

This collection of papers attempts to document, analyze, and explain the social costs of pornography, building the case that citizens need to revisit this issue and look squarely at a problem many would rather ignore.
Restoring the Fallen

Restoring the Fallen
by Earl and Sandy Wilson, Paul and Virginia Friesen, and Nancy and Larry Paulson

A Team Approach to Caring, Confronting and Reconciling church leadership after falling into sexual sin. How to restore church leaders (volunteer or clergy) after falling into sexual sin.
Restoring the Soul of a Church

Restoring the Soul of the Church
by Mark Laaser

Reconciling Congregations Wounded by Clergy Sexual Misconduct. This book is a collection of chapters by many national experts that Dr. Laaser edited with his colleague Nancy Hopkins. It describes the devastation that can happen to a church congregation when a pastor sexually sins and is removed from the church. Dr. Laaser and his team conducted early research on how damaging this problem can be and how divisive to church if not treated.
When His Secret Sin
Breaks Your Heart

by Kathy Gallagher

A useful tool for leaders when women come to us with hard questions. This book consists of 158 response letters written by Kathy Gallagher to women who wrote to her for advice on how to handle situations resulting from a husband's affair, sexual behavior or addiction. Letters are categorized by the issue they address. Very complete coverage of even the most difficult issue and the advice is quite sound.
Why Small Groups?

Why Small Groups
by C.J. Mahaney, et al

Explains why small groups are necessary and effective in the life of a church. While not specifically talking about recovery groups, the principles described are definitely components of a healthy sex addiction group.
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